A Nightmare of Mars

by (H+) M.S.G.

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The First ever fractal music album I ever created. There is a certain charm in the simple melodies and rhythms that perfectly compliment my occasionally deranged vocals. My personal favorite is 'The Nutmeg Effect' followed by 'Mrs. Gowanus'. 'Nutmeg' was even recreated for the "MudBlood" EP using the same algorithms and many of the same lyrics.


released August 1, 2006

(H+) M.S.G.: Programming and Vocals




(H+) M.S.G. Albany, New York

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Track Name: Geminii
We were being and knowing
That two were one, and we were three
In twelve sided cosmos, drifting by
I wasn’t seeing I was feeling
And wasn’t being, doing, two were one
And when I looked to it
Nothing but the corner of my eye
Then we were three, and being
Being and doing
I hadn’t known that two were one
We were that same one, and being
When I know, I feel
I see that two were one
We were three and being
Drifted through twelve sides
And we were being
Knowing that two were one
And falling there on clouds like stars
We were three and known
We were one, I don’t know
I was being, doing, but I knew
That two were one
And clouds flow down
Drifting, we know, and see
Doing, and knowing we were three
And knowing two were one
That two were one.
Track Name: Mrs. Gowanus
Mrs. Gowanus, the line between us is so fine
What makes people act the way they do?
Mrs. Gowanus, this bar will be forever ours
Why did you have to leave us so soon?
It couldn’t have been the right time
It couldn’t have been so soon
Mrs. Gowanus, the lines between us are so fine
What secrets do you hide?
What futures can you tell me?
Looking into the cup you hold
Mrs. Gowanus, are you really so old,
That you alone know,
When the truth becomes lies,
Through the passage of time?
Mrs. Gowanus, why are you singing to the stones?
Do they tell you what you need to know?
Our seats are so far away
Mrs. Gowanus, the line between us is so fine
What makes people act the way they do?
Mrs. Gowanus, are we really losing you?
Track Name: The Nutmeg Effect
I can’t see anything now
The spice is blinding
There are endless colors and sounds
And rolling banks of milky clouds
On the backs of giant turtles, awake
Walking through a world of ash
And alabaster moons are circling
I can hear the demons singing
They look like you or me
But they aren’t saying anything
They said ten grams was the thing
And now I lost them somewhere
Back there is a fire, with satin tongues
And worms swimming in the rum
Bat-wing leeches are in the air
En mass they blot out an aqua sun
My skin was green then red
There was the smell of pine then cinnamon
They said 3 o’clock, but I couldn’t hear them
I couldn’t hear them.